All About Voice Blasting and Broadcasting

For people in business, they know how important advertising is for their business to flourish and prosper. There are many ways to advertise for your business. One such popular method is Voice blast. As many already know, voice blast is a technique used in modern communications in order to send phone messages to thousands of number of people at the same time. This service is quite popular and is useful for both commercial as well as community service purpose. Business messages can be sent to all related people in a bulk message and any emergency messages can also be sent to a very large number of people in an instant. Voice blast, or often referred to as voice broadcasting is more than just sending phone messages to multiple. The following are different types of voice blast that are available.

  1. Simple voice blast: In this type of voice broadcast, a simple message is forwarded to other people. It may be to an individual or an answering machine. These are pre recorded messages and therefore, there is no direct interaction between the customer and the operator. This type of voice broadcast can be used for announcement of event or information.
  2. Custom message voice blasting: This is similar to the simple voice blast but differs in the aspect that you can customize your message based on different phone numbers or even based on the demographics of the recipient. The message can be conveniently stored in a database and be retracted again for use.
  3. Voice blast with keypad response: In this type of voice broadcast a pre recorded message plays which gives options to customers to choose from. The option one selects can be later used for any additional information, removal or to something, voice messaging or even to terminate the call. You have the option to leave different voice messages for the answering machine or to not leave any.
  4. Call transfer: This is mostly similar to the above voice broadcasting differing in only that the call may be transferred to a third party. This can be done through the numbers one presses. In order to establish contact with the 3rd party, the phone automatically dials a different number when such a response in made. This comes especially handy in case your organization is not in direct contact with the phone system or the centre.

Smart voice blasting: This type of voice blast is a combination of voice messaging along with predictive dialing. Together, this type of voice blast can produce really effective results. Voice messages are sent to any individual and in case the person shows an interest, the call is automatically routed to active people who would be willing to talk to the customer.

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